Mandatory Check-Ins Each Game

Every team must pay entry fee before first game

Entry Fee Per Day

$15 High school age & Adults

$10 Kids (over 5yo up to 8th Grade)

Children of 5 years or under are free

NOTE: Parents are not to negotiate with coaches about having to pay. Paying is mandatory and not to be accommodated. NO EXCEPTIONS


1. Normal high school rules with 18-minute running clock halves. The clock will stop on dead balls the last 10 seconds of the first half and the last 1 minute of the game.

2. We will have a running clock in the last 1 minute of the game if the score reaches a 15-point differential. The clock will stop again if it goes back below a 10-point game.


3. 3 full timeouts total per game.

Halftime & Warm-Up

4. 1-minute halftime.

5. 3-minute minimum warm-up between games.


6. Overtime is 1 minute stop clock—one 30-second timeout only, with no carryovers. 2nd overtime is Sudden Death.


7. A team reaches 1-and-1 bonus on the 7th team foul of each half. There is a 2-shot double bonus on the 10th team foul.

8. A player will foul out on the 5th personal foul.

9. Technical fouls result in automatic 2 points and the possession of the ball.

Ball Size

10. 6th grade boys and lower divisions will use a 28.5” ball. All others use regular size.

Starting The Game/Gameplay

11. Please have your team ready to play 20 minutes early before each game. If the games are running ahead of schedule, we will start your game early.

12. Teams may BEGIN a game with 4 players. A team will be given a 5-minute grace period if they have less than 4 players at game time. After that period, the game is ruled a forfeit.

13. Game time is forfeit time, no additional grace period beyond the 5-minute grace period.

14. Each team is limited to two coaches per team.

Age / Grade Cutoff

15. Age / Grade is September 1st to August 31st

e.g. for the 2023/24 season, the player's age as of September 1st, 2024 is what counts

16. Please have all birth certificates present in the event of a protest. No grade exceptions unless the player does not turn the age until August 31, 2023. For example, for the 6th grade / 12u division - players must be in 6th grade or if in 7th, they cannot turn 13 until August 31, 2023.

Coaches Rules

NOTE: Coaches must be wearing a badge in order to coach

17. Two coaches per team. Referees will enforce this.

18. Proof of age and grade must be provided upon request.

19. Any ejections of coaches or players will be an automatic suspension from the next game.


20. Coaches are responsible for controlling their fans and supporters. Any problems could result in team forfeiture of the game.

Age Exceptions

21. Age exceptions require proof of birth certificates. High school players can only play in high school divisions and can only play down if they don't turn 15 before August 31, 2023.

Player Restrictions

22. Do not play a D1 level player down in lower levels. If you need subs, use players that are the right level for the division. If a player is a good player on a D1 team, they should not also be playing in D2 or D3.


  1. Overall Record
  2. Head to Head
  3. Point Differential (max +/- 15 per game)
  4. Coin Toss

Forfeit Fees

23. A $100 forfeit fee is assessed for any games forfeited. If a team forfeits all 3 games, the fee will be $200 total. The reason for this rule is because refunds must be given to teams that do not get to play 3 games.


Ronnie Sample McDaniel
(408) 661-9639